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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 5:23 PM

Trying not to beat myself up... I have learned valuable lessons that sometimes things are much harder than they seem. Namely: trying to set up a story with characters I know intimately is actually harder than trying to establish new characters.

Plus, I ended the month with genuine food poisoning. No, it wasn't from eating sushi. Not rare steaks, not raw milk, raw cheeses, raw eggs, leafy greens, unwashed forest berries, dubious anything that sat in my backpack all day, nor even my homemade cheeses and cured meats.

No, it was perfectly normal smoked salmon purchased from the perfectly normal grocery store that had been in my freezer. *throws up hands*

Project One: Short Narrative Work
Begins: Now
Deadline: End of the month (for finalization) I'm not promising anything until next week when I've gotten both my big upcoming exams out of the way. By the end of this month, certainly.
Since at this point doing basically anything is better than laying around listlessly, I intend to begin by a short (6 - 12 page?) comic about one of my Spore races, the Areeaka (DANGER), concerning how Haraatain threw out Araskaaln, the old leader who'd gone a little mad. The beauty of this project is that it is with non-human characters that I am fairly decent at drawing, in a world full of crazy WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE that I am currently enjoying fleshing out, and is something with both freedom-of-movement and the preestablished outline of a plot. It can also be welded modularly onto the rest of the Areeaka's history, hopefully meaning I should be able to glare my inability to finish things to death and finish it anyway.

Suddenly, a six-page DI intro instead!

The end result should be a short, complete narrative with COLORS and nice lines on COLORED AND DETAILED BACKGROUNDS, not stupid faffing on lined paper. (spoiler: prepared to see stupid faffing on lined-paper first, almost certainly)

Project Two: NaNoWriMo
Begins: Beginning of November
Deadline: End of November
It's one of my silly, seat-of-the-pants stupid fantasy ideas, you'll get to see it in November / December. No you don't know what it is, it's not whichever silly, seat-of-the-pants stupid fantasy idea-story you're thinking of.

EDIT: This is go! :evillaugh: Story is on track and looking interesting. We'll see how it goes by the end of the month.

Project Three: Tenran Ref
Begins: Now
Deadline: End of year
The idea is to create a reference for a single sentient alien (with allusions to its evolutionary history, ecological relationships with other animals, and interactions with other sentient races) detailing the anatomy, basic biochemistry, a handful of common or interesting diseases and poisons that can affect them, diet, psychology (without making them wear hats), cultural history, abiotic factors, common foods and the basic designs for their vehicles and dwellings. This will serve as a roadmap for other references (Areeaka, Zeltharn, Metkyan races, zealontographical work), a way to stretch myself, and something to direct people to about the Tenran other than "often sociopathic flying purple death-giraffes with the dietary habits of a toucan".


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Current Residence: Bozeman, Montana
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Altalamatox Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012
Re: I actually was going to propose (and forgot to D: ) galatinai, which scans much better to my eyes. Otherwise, I'd stick with galatinye- English tends to shove any vowel it can into schwa anyway, and fantasy ends up with an overprofusion of apostrophes, it's best not to add to them.

I fear the word 'gala' popping out at the beginning when there's really almost a glottal stop intended between the g and the rest, hence the apostrophe. Uurgh, but yes, damn fantasy cliches, you're totally right.

I reeeally like your suggestion, if it were glatinai would you still get the right vibe from it? I have NO IDEA why the -ai ending didn't occur to me, I've already been using it for years in several words from Aagiea Ki's native language so that is perfect. D:

(Sorry for the post over here, I'm gonna take down that poll in a sec.)
TarawynWorldwalker Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Student General Artist
You could, then, try putting an accent-mark on the second A- galátinai. Or, I suppose, taking out the vowel and putting it like this- ghlatinai.

I'm glad you like it! And it's fine, thank you for responding! :)
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[link] SS for you!
Sorry for all mistakes. :c
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